Feb 172016
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Block No. 9, Sector 17A, Chandigarh, 160017

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A few of the major highlights of our global education fair in Chandigarh 2016 organized by the highly recognized overseas education consultants The Chopras are: The students get to apply to the best universities present in the entire world. If students wish, they can prioritize their application process for the university applied to in 2016 Highly trained professional staff offers unique counselling to each and every student. The students can attend seminars done by leading educational giants and learn plenty from them. Learning about the intricate admission procedures for various universities across the globe can be done here by the students Global education fair also happens all round the country, including all major cities in India The very important University raking can be dealt with by the students in this unique fair The very much requited knowledge about the scholarship opportunities and fees waivers can be known to the students by attending this fair! The largest education fair in India is happening in other cities of the country, too! So for a global education fair 2016 happening in CHANDIGARH, 27th JAN, TAJ CHANDIGARH, to get a decent education fair in Chandigarh, & to own a global education degree this year, come to our fair 2016. Have a look at the details here at - http://www.thechopras.com/GEI/ For more information, visit here- http://www.thechopras.com/discover/events-and-university-visits/global-education-fairs.html
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